We will explain everything you need to know about the lake and show you our sailing area. We have windsurf harnesses, catamaran trapezes, and shorty wetsuits available. We will be very happy to give you helpful tips and keep an eye on you.

Fibreglass catamarans

  • 2 boomless HOBIE CAT 15s, wide hull, up to four people: a high performance yet tolerant craft ideal for beginners to advanced sailors.
  • 1 HOBIE CAT 16 Standard sail with boom, thin shell banana form, technical and sport boat recommended for experienced


  • OPTIMIST for the kids

Windsurf Boards

  • NOVA 180 et 165 litres: wide and very stable, ideal for starting off
  • BIC TECHNO 2, TECHNO 283, TECHNO E wide: various volume boards for all abilities and conditions
  • VOLAR 145l
  • AHD 285 slalom, AHD 270 convertible, RRD 254 wave board
  • Sails from 1,3m2 up to 8,5m2 (new large sails)

Canoes / Stand Up Paddle / Pedalos

  • 6 Canadian Canoes (2 persons)
  • 3 KAYAKS (1 person)
  • 9 Stand Up Paddle (from 9′ to 12′)
  • 2 Pedalos with toboggan (2-4 person)

Rent Prices

Prices shown in € euros all taxes included..

Windsurf1 h2 h4 h 1 daypersonal 10h
Classic windsurfing13203550100
Funboard beginner19325580150
Funboard advanced 2840 200
Catamaran & Dinghy
Hobie Cat 15355595150310
Hobie Cat 164060100160350
Optimist (kids)15264570120
Other1 daypersonal 10h
Stand Up Paddle15243860125
Canoë (2 pl.)13203550100
Canoë (4 pl.)16 2338 53105
Kayak (1 pl.)916304580
Pedal’o (2/3 pl.)132040
Pedal’o Tob. (4 pl.)193060

* Caution and ID required.