Sailing school

Come and improve with a professional team:

  • Top quality teaching
  • Precise and succinct advice perfectly adapted to your level.
  • More than 15 years experience teaching sailing teaching moulded to suit every client’s needs

Private lessons (1h; 1h30; 2h)
or group lessons (3 sessions of 2 hours; 5 sessions of 2 hours)

Our equipment:

  • Windsurf classic boards and funboards
  • Catamarans (HobbieCat 15 & 16)
  • Caravelle (up to 6 pers.)
  • Advices for all
  • cours de voile hobby cat sanguinet

Children, Teenagers or Adults; at whatever speed you want to take the day and whatever activity takes your fancy, we’ll create the ideal program to match your needs.

For childrens:

Mini Bic
Specially made for children aged 6, the mini Bic is a tiny windsurf board with an extremely light sail, so light it’s even fun to lift the sail out of the water, great to keep a smile on your child’s face. On a specially marked out shallow area of water where your feet touch the bottom the kids have fun and learn in a safe environment where they’ll feel like they’re windsurfing like grown ups!

For teenagers and adults

Windsurf boards
For beginners we have large boards with small sails which are easy to manoeuvre!
Swift progress and pleasure guaranteed!
For the more experienced we have shorter boards on which you’ll learn beach starts and how to jibe.

Catamaran (Hobie Cat 15/16)
Come and learn to sail a twin-hulled craft and experience the speed that they’re capable of. With 2, 3 or 4 people onboard you’ll quickly get the hang of it and will soon be on your own!

Sailing lesson prices